NiteSafe is a multi-agency initiative which aims to keep people safe and well during their night out in the town centre pubs and clubs in Scunthorpe.

The Licensing Team from North Lincs Council (NLC) regularly visit and monitor premises to ensure that they comply with the terms of their licence. The Environmental Health Team make sure that premises offering food and drink are clean and hygienic. They also deal with any complaints of premises that are too noisy.

The Council’s Security Control Centre keep a close watch on what is happening on the streets via a number of CCTV cameras and can alert the police or NiteSafe Officers of any disturbances such as fights or if someone has collapsed in a doorway.

The Fire Service too visit premises to make sure that they are not fire traps waiting to happen. They advise licensees on the number of people they should allow into the premises. They point out fire hazards, ensure there are enough fire extinguishers and that all exits are free from blockages so that in the event of a fire, patrons can leave the premises quickly and safely.

Our NiteSafe Officers patrol the streets on Friday and Saturday nights (and also on bank holidays) intervening at the earliest opportunity to prevent any incidents occurring and are in radio contact with all the Licensed Door Supervisors – this means that if there is trouble the NiteSafe Officers can offer support where it is needed most.

Safer Neighbourhoods have supplied all the licensed premises, some takeaways, the Licensed Door Supervisors and the two NiteSafe Officers with radios so that not only can they communicate between themselves, but the radio is also monitored by the security control centre who will summon additional assistance (police, ambulance, fire service, etc) if they hear an appeal for help.

Safer Neighbourhoods has also arranged for barriers to be put into place on Friday and Saturday nights from 10pm onwards in order to make the town centre a pedestrian zone – thus eliminating any road traffic accidents.

As you can imagine Humberside Police are visible in the Town Centre and they are committed to making sure that if any trouble does flare up it is dealt with quickly. They are also a reassuring presence for the licensees and reveler’s alike.

Sadly, on occasion an ambulance is needed and our colleagues in the East Midlands Ambulance Service are always on hand to deal with any emergencies.

All licensed premises have been supplied with a secure Drugs Safe, to place any contraband or suspected illegal substances. These are opened by the Police and Safer Neighbourhoods on a regular basis and disposed of safely.

The pubs and clubs themselves are part of an organisation called PubWatch – they too are in constant contact warning other premises if a known troublemaker is in the town, etc.

Posters and media campaigns are shared with all Licensed premises, for the distribution of consistent messages.

All in all, we and our partners are there to help you enjoy your night out, secure in the knowledge that help is at hand if you need it.