Crime Prevention by Design

A Crime Prevention Design Advisor has been trained and is qualified to a national standard through the National Policing Improvement agency.  By using planning legislation and guidance, the principles of Crime Prevention Through Environment Design and the principles of Secured by Design put forward by the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) they work closely with architects and planners.

What does the officer do?

Their aim is to design out opportunities for people to commit crime, disorder and antisocial behaviour within the built environment.  If, for example, they are asked about a design for a new community centre there would be a number of suggestions that could be made:-

  • Ensuring any double-glazed glass doors were of a sufficiently high quality (PAS24:2012) to withstand a casual kicking or bricking;
  • If planting a garden or border use prickly plants like Hawthorn, which is fast growing with fragrant flowers and thorny or Pyracantha Orange Glow which is a shrub with very thorny stems and pretty white flowers followed by orange berries – both plants are attractive, but spiky and will discourage people from possibly pushing through to get to a open window.
  • Making sure that main entrances and exits are convenient and well designed and do not compromise security;
  • Making sure that such entrances and exits are open to public view – you don’t want a back door that no-one can see, where Billy the Burglar can spend a quiet 20 minutes forcing the door open and sneaking in without being overlooked by passers-by or neighbours looking out of their windows;

There are many other suggestions that could be made but there is a need be involved in the planning process from as early a stage as possible.

If you are interested in designing out crime for your home – please visit the Secured By Design website on