North Lincolnshire Safer Neighbourhoods

Property Crime - what does it mean?

There are a number of different property crimes not just having your house burgled.

Burglary Residential

This is where someone breaks into your home, garage, shed and outbuildings and steals your property.

Burglary Business & Community

This is where someone breaks into a building not listed in Burglary Residental including but not limited to Allotments, Residential outbuildings used as a business, Village Halls, Schools, Business Premises.

Theft of a Motor Vehicle

This is when someone steals your car. Please take your car keys upstairs when you go to bed, do not leave them hanging up or in a bowl/tray in the kitchen or hall way.

Theft from a Motor Vehicle

This is where someone brakes a window of your car or forces the boot or door open and steal your possessions. Please help us to bring down the numbers on this type of crime -

  • Keep a duster in the car and when you take your SatNav out, wipe the mark away;
  • Don't leave valuables on show - put all valubals in the boot where they can't be seen if you have to leave them in the car;
  • Mark sure you lock your car and arm the alarm - easy to forget if you're in a hurry;
  • When parking at night try to park in a well-lit area - thieves prefer the dark!


This crime doesn't obviously affect individuals - but were you aware that some stores add a penny or two to their prices to cover the loss of items from their shops?  So, in a way, it does affect the pound in your pocket.  If you see someone shoplifting please don't be afraid to let shop staff know.

If we have identified a hot spot where a number of shops are being targeted by shoplifters, we can work closely with the owners of the shops and provide them with crime reduction advice.

Prevention is better than cure

We also have a Crime Prevention Officer and Community Safety Officers who are trained in Crime Prevention and can give advice on how to make your home more secure from fitting window locks to planting prickly bushes outside windows etc.

If you experience any of the above crimes, these should be reported to Humberside Police on 101 or 999 if the crime is in progress.

When a number of offences in an area take place, Safer Neighbourhoods can implement initiatives to tackle these. Please see the 'About Us' tab for information on how we can assist.