ASB & Criminal Damage

The six new powers

As part of the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime & Policing Act 2014, steps have been taken to reform anti-social behaviour legislation.

New tools and powers are now available for North Lincolnshire Council, Humberside Police and key partners to respond to anti-social behaviour (ASB).

  • Civil Injunctions
  • Criminal Behaviour Orders
  • Community Protections Warning/Notice
  • Public Space Protection Order
  • Dispersal Power
  • Closure Power

Along with this it also brought in the Community Remedy and the Community Trigger in order to give victims of ASB a voice and to enable them to request that their ASB case is reviewed if they feel this has not been adequately dealt with.

Along with the above, there are also a number of options for early intervention in order to try and resolve the ASB before it reaches a level where formal powers are needed. These interventions are very successful and bring together many agencies that can have a significant impact on anti-social behaviour, and help to improve the outcomes for all involved. Some of the types of early intervention that can help are mediation, acceptable behaviour contracts, parenting contracts, good neighbour agreements and support for individuals and families. A referral to drug and alcohol services can also be made to support individuals.

If you wish to report ASB you can do so by contacting either Humberside Police on 101 or in an emergency 999, North Lincolnshire Council on 01724 297000 or your Social Housing provider.