Getting help....

It is important that young people understand consent so that they recognise when abuse may have occurred and get help.

It is not easy to tell someone about something which is upsetting, worrying, frightening or where there may be feelings of shame and guilt.  However there are people who will listen and help and not judge.

If you are worried about a situation that you or a friend are in, then please talk to an adult you can trust as soon as you can. This can be a teacher, a support worker, a youth worker or a street sport worker. You can also talk to a social worker who will be able to help you on 01724 296500.

You can call the following helplines:

You can talk to a social worker on 01724 296500.

You can talk to the police urgently on 999 or on Humberside Police 101.

Further information

Barnardos      Help and advice

Stop It Now    Helpline

Police             Advice, help, report

Information for parents about CSE

Child sexual exploitation is very distressing and can be a very difficult form of abuse to recognise.

The following websites offer advice and guidance for parents if they are worried or if their child is suffering this type of abuse:

Pace              Parents against Child Sexual Exploitation -  CSE training for Parents

Barnardos     What can I do as a parent?

Police            Advice, help, report

If you are worried about your child you can talk to the Police or Children’s Services on 01724 296500.

In an emergency call 999