ASB & Criminal Damage

Anti-Social Behaviour - Community Remedy

What is it?

The Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 requires that each local policing body prepares a Community Remedy Document for its policing area. The idea behind this is to give a voice to victims of ASB by being able to have a say in out of court punishments of the perpetrators of anti-social behaviour and low-level crime. The appropriate actions for the perpetrators to carry out will be listed in the Community Remedy Document and an officer must make reasonable efforts to obtain the views of the victim. The victim must be happy to take part in the process and involvement is voluntary.

The legislation does not specify what actions could be included in the document and will vary from one case to another but it may include such things as mediation, a letter of apology, taking part in restorative justice, contributing to the cost of the damage or doing unpaid work.