North Linconlshire Neighbourhood Watch Association

Neighbourhood Watch - I've heard of it but what is it exactly?

The Neighbourhood Watch scheme was originally launched by the Home Office to empower local people to come together and look out for each other. Small groups of volunteer residents look out for signs of crime in their immediate vicinity and they then share that information with each other and local police. There is a national organisation, but here in North Lincolnshire the groups work closely with the Safer Neighbourhoods team who are the NLC Neighbourhood Watch Development Officers.

In North Lincolnshire we have a thriving community of Neighbourhood Watch Groups (NHWG) - over 200 of them - and more joining everying month.  The person organising the NWG is known as the Coordinator and they are supported by the SN team.  Once the Coordinator has called the SN team and indicated that he or she would like to set up a new NHWG a SN team member will visit them and supply them with a letter which they distribute to their neighbours inviting them to join the group.  Once the Coordinator has circulated the letters and identified a number of households who are keen to join the group, he or she will then be asked to set up a meeting which one of the SN team and the Neighbourhood Police Officer (if availible) will attend..  At that meeting the SN team member will talk to the group about any issues they may have and and show them how to problem-solve.  Once the group is set up then Neighbourhood Watch signs will be supplied by Safer Neighbourhoods and we will assist putting them up and your group will become part of the Neighbourhood Watch network across North Lincolnshire. 

How does it work?

If you join a Neighbourhood Watch Group in your street or area you will get to know your neighbours – you’ll know who’s away on holiday, what cars they drive, if they’re having work done on their house. You’ll know if something doesn’t look right – if that happens then call your local neighbourhood policing team. By looking out for your friends and neighbours you can help prevent them from becoming another victim of crime statistic (and they’ll watch your back too!).

The Coordinator acts as a link between your group, the local police and other Safer Neighbourhoods partners when necessary.  The role will not take up a lot of your time and the main tasks are to:

  • Distribute questionnaires and compile a contact list of residents wishing to be in the group
  • Distribute crime packs to houses in the group, including stickers
  • Receive crime information via email and forward to the group members
  • Attend your local Neighbourhoods Action team meeting (optional) 
What do Neighbourhood Watch Groups do?

Some of the activities that Neighbourhood Watch Groups can become involved in:

  •     Annual Neighbourhood Watch Group Event
  •     Neighbourhood Action Teams
  •     Community Safety Roadshows
  •     Community consultation

How can I set up a group?

Your first job will be to talk to some (if not all) of your neighbours, if there is a sufficient level of interest then contact and leave your name, phone number and address and we will call, we can send you an information pack or visit to discuss how to set up a NHW group we will then contact you and help you to set up an initial meeting with some of your neighbours and will come and speak to you all about how to run a group, how to problem-solve, etc. 

What can I show to groups?

Please click here to view our Crime Prevention Presentation  that gives you advice on prevention of crime and tips. 

NHW video

Please click the link below to view.

The Calling Tree

Why not setup a calling tree in your area? It’s a positive way to support people and stay connected, particularly with those who are not online.

Call 3 people today and ask how they are doing. If they all call 3 people, the phone tree builds and we can all help reduce loneliness and isolation.