Domestic violence and abuse is very often repeated; can be random and it is the habitual use of intimidation to control another person. This is usually a partner, ex-partner or other family member. It is most commonly committed within the home but tactics can be used out in public.


Violence is the physical assault on another person but abuse can take many forms: emotional, psychological, financial, sexual and within a relationship there can be a combination of some or all of these. 


What should I do if this is happening to me or to someone I know?

You are not powerless and this page helps you to choose what is best for you.  Remember that you are not alone and you are not to blame for the abuse committed against you. You have options and only you can decide which you want to follow.  

There are agencies within North Lincolnshire that are able to assist you with advice and support and their details can be found here 

I want help and I might want to leave.......... 

Making the decision to leave a violent and abusive partner can be the beginning of a long process. Remember that you do not have to go through it alone. You can speak in confidence to a wide range of agencies. 

I'm just a kid, what can I do? 

Nobody, whatever their age, should be a victim of domestic abuse. There are too many children and young people trapped in frightening situations that they feel they can't escape from.

For young people especially it may not be happening at home – it could be your boyfriend or girlfriend who is abusing you. But if you are in this situation, it's important to remember that no matter who is being violent and abusive, its not your fault. You can change what is happening and live a different life if you want to - you just need to take the first step and talk to someone.  

MARAC - Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conference 

This is a meeting that is held in North Lincolnshire to discuss the risk of future serious harm to people experiencing domestic abuse. Follow the link for more information.

Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme

The Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme (DVDS) commences within Humberside Police and North Lincolnshire on 8 March 2014. 

Commonly known as Clare’s Law, the DVDS is named after Clare Wood who was murdered in 2009 by her boyfriend. The DVDS will give members of the public a formal mechanism to make enquires about an individual who they are in a relationship with, or who is in a relationship with someone they know, where there is a concern that the individual may be violent towards their partner. 

Members of the public can make an application for a disclosure, known as the ‘right to ask’.

Anybody can make an enquiry, but information will only be given to someone at risk or a person in a position to safeguard the victim.

The scheme is for anyone in an intimate relationship regardless of gender.

Partner agencies can also request disclosure is made of an offender’s past history where it is believed someone is at risk of harm. This is known as ‘right to know’.

If a potentially violent individual is identified as having convictions for violent offences, or information is held about their behaviour which reasonably leads the police and other agencies to believe they pose a risk of harm to their partner, a disclosure will be made.

The intention is to give potential victims information about the history of their partner, so they can make an informed decision about the relationship.

Members of the public who wish to make an application under the DVDS are asked to call Humberside Police on 101.  

Statistics and Domestic Abuse

For information on current statistics and myths about domestic abuse.