Neighbourhood Watch Stories & Achievements

NHW Stories & Achievements

''Low and High Burnham Neighbour Hood Watch group was formed when this little Hamlet was starting to have visits from unwelcome visitors in 2013!

We were put in touch with The NHW Team, and very helpful lady Tracey. The process was very easy and well supported by the community at an open meeting.
Over the years we have had many meetings, with guest speakers, NHW Team and local police. We serve refreshments, which has given people the opportunity to chat about thier own concerns and also on a one to one basis with speakers. At these meetings everyone has been most grateful for items e.g. lighting timers, alarms , locks, bells for key rings,(most popular )and leaflets to reinforce how to help ourselves. Our vulnerable residents' packs have most appreciated and helpful.
We are said to be unique in Burnham. We have a strong community spirit. For too many years to count we have held so many events. To name but a few that were on the calendar this year were Quiz and curry night, coffee mornings, our VE day celebrations, which was to have been a Duck Race, BBQ and games for the children, and Burnham in Bloom for best kept small village competition. But then a dreadful virus Covid 19 came along with lockdown. All put on hold. Within our community a What's app group immediately formed of younger residents who could do shopping, pick up prescriptions, for those who could not get out, nobody asked it just happened.
So we continue to do our best to carry on keeping safe and Burnham is very much in Bloom".



"One of the reasons for our continued success is your ongoing help and support.

You’re great at getting in touch with us when you have concerns about what’s happening in your area, whether that’s by speaking to your local officers, or getting in touch through Humber Talking, on 101 or via our social media channels.

We also have some fantastic local Neighbourhood Watch groups, whose diligence and community spirit really makes a difference when we’re planning initiatives like Operation Galaxy.

And, as we celebrate Neighbourhood Watch Week, it’s only right for us to say thank you to all the groups we have across the force for the role they have played.

Our Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator Inspector Tim Harvey said: “Across northern Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire we have some really proactive Neighbourhood Watch groups, who really help us to make a difference in their communities.

“Please don’t underestimate the power of letting us know if an issue arises or you see something that doesn’t look right.

“The information they have shared with us has helped us to plan initiatives like Operation Galaxy, so we know when and where to target in order to make the biggest impact.

“They also make a big difference day-to-day. No one knows your area better than you do and by flagging up potential issues as they arise, it helps us to deal with quickly and minimise the impact on your community.

“Neighbourhood Watch is also a great way of getting to know the people who live in your area and it can give you real peace of mind knowing that there’s a whole network of friends and neighbours who are keeping an eye out when you’re away from your home.”

Eddie Girdham has been the co-ordinator for Scunthorpe’s Grange Lane South group for 14 years.

He said: “People know that if there’s an issue they can always come to me and I will feed into the police.

“It gives them a lot of comfort knowing they can do that.

“It’s also meant we know all our neighbours and there is a real community spirit – that’s the key thing.”

Find out more about setting up a Neighbourhood Watch Group in your area" (Hyperlink



Winteringham Neighbourhood Watch

The NHW at Winteringham consists of half a dozen people who look after around 430 dwellings inhabited by approximately 1,000 residents. We do our utmost to report wrong doings and try to keep criminal activity to a minimum. Some time ago a poll was conducted which revealed that fly tipping, rogue traders and speeding vehicles were the top 3 concerns for the residents.

With that in mind a couple of us including other village people have carried out litter picks and recovered 250 sacks of rubbish in 2 years from grass verges and roadways, together with ‘fridges, car parts and other large items.

When we started the current NHW about 5 years ago some 70 residents were registered into the scheme and contacted periodically via the email system. However, for a variety of reasons this did not work efficiently so changes were made. We now have a website on the village hall site so residents can see any issues that come from Humberside Police, Crime alert messages, Safer Neighbourhoods, PCC’s office and from local NHW. After its initiation every house received notification of its inception.

All Parish and Town Councils have an emergency plan to facilitate the emergency services when necessary. This would run in conjunction with the appropriate County Council in such circumstances as flooding, gas explosion, plane crash etc. where residents need help.

In 2017 it was decided for various reasons that Winteringham NHW would take over this role from the Parish Council.

This work involved liaison and advice from the emergency team at NLC. and production of comprehensive booklets for necessary and interested parties. These contain details of the people and organisations to be called upon for assistance both locally and countywide. This includes the management team, an action checklist, aims and objectives, maps and community resources.

There are emergency boxes at the Chapel and village hall that contain necessary items together with stationery to enable ‘an operations room’ to be set up in the village hall.

The village hall could be used as an emergency centre as it has washing and washing facilities, room for sleeping and a recently fitted catering kitchen.

We also have a generator plug which is capable of running a large machine in the event of an electricity malfunction.

The village hall would therefore be the operation centre with the Chapel giving further assistance if necessary.


"Ongo Homes strive to build and sustain communities where individuals and communities flourish and treat one another with dignity and respect.  Our aim is to create good neighbourhoods that our residents are proud to live in.  In order to achieve this, we cannot do it alone and we work in partnership with others to develop initiatives, prevent ASB, harassment and crime, share information and respond jointly to problems.


Partnership working is key to resolving issues and Ongo welcome engaged residents who can assist from within the community in groups such as Neighbourhood Watch.  Together residents create stronger communities, bringing people together, supporting each other and dealing with issues before they escalate"



On behalf of Humberside Police I would like to pass my sincere thanks to all NHW co-ordinators across the Force area for their valuable contribution to Op Galaxy which as you will have seen in the media continues with a robust programme of enforcement, visibility and engagement activity, taking a tough stance on criminality and protecting communities.


The community intelligence provided by NHW members over recent months has played a significant part in the preparation for Op Galaxy and will continue to be vital as we work together to make the Humberside Police area a safer place to live, work and visit and where criminals are not given the chance to get a foothold for their activities and know how hard it will be for them to operate in this area.

In the first 12 days of Op Galaxy there have been 212 people arrested and 44 warrants executed. Significant amounts of cash and drugs have been seized and numerous persons have been charged whilst others were released on bail. Officers have completed increased numbers of stop searches (where lawful grounds exist). This proactive policing style will continue and many more criminals will be arrested and have their criminal property seized over the coming weeks.

The contribution of the NHW initiative cannot and should not be under-estimated and your continued support is very much appreciated and adds real value to the work we do.

Please circulate this to your respective group members and thank them on my behalf too. It is often difficult to quantify the difference which NHW makes to an area but there is no doubt that NHW groups make people feel safer and be safe, and your contribution to Op Galaxy is a perfect example of that.

Inspector Tim Harvey

Humberside Police


Please see below comments from Jackie one of our original coordinators who has been working with us for many years and through many changes. Jackie still attends NAT meetings and finds them extremely valuable. 

 " I am so happy we now have the NAT team meetings, NEIGHBOURHOOD ACTION TEAM to help me out. Attending the first meeting 21st June 2007 in Frederick Gough School as the Coordinator for our NHW I have not missed many meetings over the years.

 We meet up and sit around the table at Bottesford Village Hall and meet up with the NHW team , the police, local councillors and other  NHW Coordinators to name a few.

We have questions answered or if you have worries about any items you can mention them and they will be sorted asap. My snicket has  suffered from graffiti  over the years and has been dealt with asap. Questions and complaints can be asked from your members of your NHW"