ASB Panel

What is the ASB Panel


  • ASB Panel - Safer Neighbourhoods manage the ASB process and chair the monthly Panel meeting where we discuss high risk victims and offenders. The panel looks to support offenders through a 7 stage process, making appropriate referrals and giving individuals opportunity to change their behaviour before enforcement. (Please see 5 minute guide on ASB Panel)
  • High risk ASB victims are supported with weekly calls and an offer of a home CCTV camera using specific criteria. Specific actions are monitored through the ASB Panel to monitor impact and vulnerability. Medium risk victims receive monthly phone calls by Safer Neighbourhoods. We also monitor the repeat callers to the Police for ASB and conduct risk assessments where appropriate. (For more information please see 5 minute guide on ASB Victim Management)


New ASB Panel process established in January 2019, looking at early intervention by making parents aware of behaviours through a staged approach of warning letter, visits and referrals. This was reviewed after 2 years in January 2021.


  •  ASB Offenders - 310 referrals into panel. These all received first stage letter and only 18 of these have then escalated to first visit. Showing the success of the early prevention by making families aware.
  • ASB Repeat Victims - 370 Risk Assessments referred in, 78 came in as high score, 124 came in as medium Score, 168 came in as low score. These have all received the appropriate response for their score in line with the process and currently there are 4 High Scores and 25 mediums all the others are archived.