Property Crime

Crime Reduction Officer

As a Crime Reduction Officer they will carry out pre-emptive actions by visiting commercial premises to carry out crime prevention surveys and to provide security advice. They will also receive requests from the police or Social Services to visit the homes of victims of domestic violence or the homes of elderly and vulnerable people in order to give advice as to how they can make their homes more secure by installing door restrictors, door mirrors, peepholes, window locks and a host of other practical measures to make a vulnerable person’s home more secure.

On the other hand they will also offer consultancy support and technical advice to the Police and other professional agencies (such as Social Services, schools, churches etc) on the prevention and detection of crime and anti social behaviour. This may include installation of cameras (the best position etc) or marking of property with SmartWater.

The Crime Reduction Officer also does a lot of work behind the scenes co-ordinating and disseminating crime reduction information and developing initiatives and strategies based on information received from our crime analysts or the police intelligence unit. They also encourage and support community-based crime reduction activities, and are involved in community safety campaigns and initiatives.

There is a team of Crime Reduction Officers both regionally and nationally in support of policing operations across the force area designed to tackle cross-border criminality and other problems.