Safer Neighbourhoods and Humberside Police are holding joint surgeries across the region.
MATALAN Skippingdale Industrial Estate Scunthorpe
Monday 14th Mar 2016 1300-1500hrs
Friday 8th Apr 2016 1300-1500hrs
Wednesday 4th May 2016 1300-1500hrs
SAINSBURY'S Doncaster Road Scunthorpe
Thursday 3rd Mar 2016 1430-1530hrs
Thursday 7th Apr 2016 1430-1530hrd
Friday 6th May 2016 1430-1530hrs
Thursday 2nd Jun 2016 1430-1530hrs
Friday 8th Jul 2016 1430-1530hrs
Thursday 4th Aug 2016 1430-1530hrs
Wednesday 7th Sept 2016 1430-1539hrs
Friday 7th Oct 2016 1430-1530hrs
Thursday 3rd Nov 2016 1430-1530hrs
Thursday 8th Dec 2016 1430-1530hrs
 Community Centre East Common Lane Scunthorpe
Thursday 10th Mar 2016 1600-1700hrs
Thursday 19th May 2016 1600-1700hrs
Thursday 28th Jul 2016 1600-1700hrs
Thursday 6th Oct 2016 1600-1700hrs
Thursday 15th Dec 2016 1600-1700hrs
The Wortley House Hotel Rowland Road Scunthorpe
Thursday 14th Apr 2016 1600-1700hrs
Thursday 23rd Jun 2016 1600-1700hrs
Thursday 1st Sept 2016 1600-1700hrs
Thursday 10th Nov 2016 1600-1700hrs
Bottesford Library Cambridge Avenue Scunthorpe
Wednesday 6th Apr 2016 1700-1900hrs
Saturday 7th May 2016 1000-1200hrs
Saturday 11 Jun 2016 1000-12--hrs
Wednesday 6th Jul 2016 1700-1900hrs
Wednesday 3rd Aug 2016 1700-1900hrs