Partnership & Community Development

Safer Neighbourhoods and its partners have developed a strong working relationship over the years which have enabled us to put together various initiatives.  Sometimes they can be very short term - for example officers from the police, fire service, NL Council, NL Homes and Safer Neighbourhoods will target an area where we have identified a number of problems.  The police will give out crime advice, the fire service will talk to home owners about fire safety, skips will be provided for people to get rid of unsightly rubbish they may have accumulated, NL Council will remove graffiti or fly tipped waste, etc.

Sometimes the solutions may need to be longer term and so, working very closely with our partners, we have developed:-

Neighbourhood Watch Group Network

This is the North Lincolnshire Neighbourhood Watch Association a thriving community of over 150 Neighbourhood Watch Groups who are supported by Tracey Coyne , the Neighbourhood Watch Development Officer.  She ensures Neighbourhood Watch Groups (NWGs) get sent minutes of their local Neighbourhood Action Team Meeting, she attends meetings with NWGs to help them problem-solve, she can be contacted at any time by email or telephone and finally Safer Neighbourhoods hosts Neighbourhood Watch Forums throughout the year where co-ordinators can meet each  other as well as meeting with their local policing team, Safer Neighbourhoods Officers and our other partners who are all invited to attend.  All in all we have a thriving community of Neighbourhood Watch Groups.

Neighbourhood Action Teams

NATs are regular meetings chaired by the local Councillor and attended by representatives from Safer Neighbourhoods, the police, NL Homes, NL Council, Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinators, Residents Association Co-ordinators, etc.  This is not a public meeting, but it does discuss community issues and seeks to resolve problems.  Any problems which cannot be resolved by the NAT will be referred to the Safer Neighbourhoods Operations Group  for resolution.

Safe Place Scheme

Safe Place is a simple scheme to help vulnerable people to stay safe while out and about in the North Lincolnshire area.

The Herbert Protocol

It is a simple risk reduction tool to be used in the event of a person with Dementia or other mental vulnerability going missing. It consists of a form that contains vital information about a person at risk that can be passed to the police if the person is reported missing.

The Herbert Protocol is a national scheme adopted by Humberside Police and other police services across the country.

Safer Neighbourhoods Operations Group

The Safer Neighbourhoods Operations Group is responsible for dealing with the overall delivery of the Commuity Safety Plan. Chaired by a senior Officer it is attended by the police, NL Homes, the fire service, the Council, Safer Neighbourhoods Officers and other interested parties such as Highways & Planning from the Council, the Road Safety Partnership. They are responsible for delivering the Community Safety Plan on behalf of the Board. The SNOG will also deal with issues that cannot be resolved at the NAT level.


CountryWatch was set up by Safer Neighbourhoods and the Police to work closely with rural communities to tackle farm thefts, poaching, badger baiting, etc.


Horsewatch was set up to support horse owners across North Lincolnshire aiming to provide advice and information to assist in the prevention of crime.

Community SpeedWatch

Sometimes at NAT meetings a problem is identified where cars are speeding in rural areas.  Working closely with Highways we are able to provide speed signs to local Parish and Town Councils to hire in an effort to tackle this problem.