ASB & Criminal Damage


Graffiti, unless its sprayed on by Banksy, is usually unsightly, unattractive and is occasionally downright offensive. Large areas of graffiti can have a really negative impact on local communities. Nobody wants to have their area blighted in this way.

If there are large areas of graffiti or graffiti which is hateful (for example homophobic or racist in nature) you should call 01724 297000 and report it. North Lincolnshire Council have a dedicated graffiti removal team who will respond quickly. For further details go to the North Lincolnshire Council Graffiti and Fly Posting website

However if it is just a fairly small area it can be dealt with by the community and this is where Safer Neighbourhoods can help. We can provide training to community groups (Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinators, caretakers, residents associations or any other volunteer group) in the use of anti-graffiti products and, at the end of the training, provide them with kits to remove those unsightly ‘tags’ from their community.

If you would like further information please call Safer Neighbourhoods on 01724 244643 or email us on