What on earth is an AlertBox?

Well it’s a small device about the size of a transistor radio. It is a wireless security unit that enables immediate button communication between neighbours or businesses. It is used to warn of suspicious activity, antisocial behaviour or criminal acts.

There have been a number of Business Alert Box areas set up they include:-

  •     Ashby High Street
  •     Barton Town Centre
  •     Brigg Town Centre

Also numerous Alert Boxes have been deployed throughout various neighbourhoods in North Lincolnshire, which are helping individuals to:-

  •   Reduce the fear of crime
  •   Reduce the fear of isolation
  •   Reduce incidents of antisocial behaviour and other crime
  •   Encourage more witnesses to come forward
  •   Bring communities together

How does it work?

Each AlertBox unit is programmed with the name, address and telephone number of its owner and by pressing a button you can send a message to all the other AlertBoxes.

To send a warning you press the orange button – all other AlertBoxes operating within your range will sound an alert signal and display your name, address and phone number. You will also have the option to press a button to indicate the nature of the alert, for example “Suspicious Activity”, “Anti-Social Behaviour” or “Criminal Acts”. All the other AlertBoxes in your area will receive the warning message on the screen.

To send a request for help to your neighbours, just press the red button. Again you can also have the option to indicate the nature of the alert, i.e. “Medical Emergency”, “Fire” or “Personal Safety”. As before an alert signal will sound and the message will appear on the screens of your neighbours’ AlertBoxes.

All in all a very simple but effective system. The AlertBoxes can also be programmed for businesses so that they can warn other shops in the area of shoplifters, or troublemakers etc.

If you are a member of a Neighbourhood Watch Group or Residents Association and would be interested in finding out more about AlertBoxes and whether they are available in your area, please contact Safer Neighbourhoods on 01724 244643 or by email on